Design by Bertrand Jayr.
Made in France.

Directly inspired by the slow extinction of hard files (specifically the manila folder), the Doc Magazine Rack introduces a comical return to paper while stressing the importance and the environmental advantages that comes with the occupation of the digital world into our daily lives. Utilize the space saving attributes of the rack to organize and display your magazines via an tastefully modern and artful concept.

Product Features:

  • Any pores, micro-cracks, and variations in color are due to the material's inherent and charming nature
  • Product comes with pre-applied finish that protects the integrity and natural look of the material
  • Never use abrasive materials, solvents, acids, or high pressure cleaners when maintaining the product
  • To clean, use a soft, clean cloth
  • Recommended to regularly apply wax or water/oil repellents normally used for stone, marble, and concrete

  • Overall: 13.8"W X 7.9"D X 11.6"H
  • Weight: 15lbs.
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