Made in France.

The A-symmetry of the Verveine Square Coffee Table creates a fun and interesting imbalance to the contemporary design of the coffee table. While constructed of a cubed cement base and a squared glass table top, the imbalance not only comes from the off-center placement of the base, but from the use of two materials that seem to contradict the other based on their delicacy. When used alone, the imbalance becomes the highlight of the table; when paired with the Zest Coffee Table T, balance is found through the height and symmetry of the second coffee table. Enhance your arrangement.

Product Features:

  • Highly durable
  • Suitable for outdoor use under temperate conditions
  • Structure reinforced by a steel frame
  • Any pores, micro-cracks, and variations in color are due to the material's inherent and charming nature
  • Product comes with pre-applied finish that protects the integrity and natural look of the material
  • Never use abrasive materials, solvents, acids, or high pressure cleaners when maintaining the product
  • To clean, use a soft, clean cloth
  • Recommended to regularly apply wax or water/oil repellents normally used for stone, marble, and concrete

  • Overall: 39.4"W X 39.4"D X 15"H
  • Weight: 154.1lbs.
  • Glass Thickness: 3/8"
Concrete base reinforced by steel, glass table top
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