Design by Konstantin Grcic, 2010.
By Magis.

360° Containers offer endless storage possibilities with a highly functional design and sleek, modern exterior. This 5 Drawer version features 5 storage compartments made of glossy ABS stacked atop a set of 4 wheels. A joining aluminum cylinder runs vertically through the unit, serving as a pivot point that enables each drawer to independently rotate 360° around the cylinder. The clever design of 360° Containers eliminates back-of-the-drawer clutter and allows you to effectively make use of the entire storage compartment. Expand 360° Container in a spiral to reveal or display its contents, or collapse its drawers and wheel it into a corner for small space storage solutions that are easily accessed at a moment's notice. Select from several color options.

  • Overall: 13.8" W X 18.1" D X 28.3" H
  • Top Drawer Opening: 12.4" W X 6.9" D
Glossy ABS, aluminum
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