Design by Marcel Wanders, 2005.
By Magis.

The Little Flare Décor Table creates a place for inspired learning, projects and art. Designed with children in mind, this table is available with an opaque solid white top or one of two patterned table tops. The Circle pattern top features circles filled with number grids and linear patterns connected by mathematical symbols. The Salad pattern top features upper and lower case letters and numbers connected by a winding path. The tops are made from a polymeric-covered MDF with transparent hollow legs in clear polycarbonate and built in pen holders made in ABS plastic. At just the right size, the Little Flare Décor Table offers a lovely spot to inspire the natural creativity of a child's mind. Choose from three table top options.

The Little Flare Table's transparent hollow legs can be decorated by inserting rolled paper. If you would like the designs shown in the images above, you will need to order the My Personal Tablet, Little Flare Sketchbook. This sketchbook comes with 10 blank pages and 10 black and white designs to be colored. The pages are perforated for easy removal.

  • Table: 39.4"W X 29.5"D X 21.9"H
  • Legs: 6.6"W X 21.9"H
  • Holder: 5.4"W X 3.3"H
Polycarbonate, MDF, polymeric, ABS plastic
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