Design by Satyendra Pakhalé, 2005.
Made in Italy by Magis.

The Puzzle Carpet adds another dimension to playtime imagination. Children can create their own landscape by interlocking puzzle-shaped carpet pieces that depict grass, water and sand. These puzzle pieces are created from a soft combination of expanded polyethylene and polyester which provide a soft surface for rolling, sitting and playing. Add outdoor inspiration with the Puzzle Carpet. Sold in sets of seven.

Inspired by his granddaughter's propensity for drawing and a lack of appropriate children's desks, Eugenio Perazza conceived the Me Too Collection. Instead of scaling down adult-sized furniture to smaller proportions, he went in search of a design team in and outside of Magis that could think from the perspective of a kid. The resulting Me Too Collection speaks to a child's voice demanding something of their own. Designed for children between two and six years old, the Me Too Collection offers objects that correspond to their own world, not only in dimensions but in values as well.

  • One Section: 1 Ft. 2 In. X 1 In.
Polyethylene, polyester
Sold in sets of seven.
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