Made in Italy by Makro. The exterior of the Eclettico Square Undermount Unclad Tub can be completely customized to meet your exact design needs. This easy to install bathtub is one step away from being ready for use. Simply choose the material the suits your bathroom best to surround the tub in for a fresh design in your bath. The contemporary square design holds its shape with an innovative EPS structure that ensures the bathtub is both beautiful and well-insulated.
  • E.VRS.170.075.00 - 66.929" W X 29.527" D X 19.685" H
  • E.VRS.170.080.00 - 66.929" W X 31.496" D X 19.685" H
  • E.VRS.180.080.00 - 70.866" W X 31.496" D X 19.685" H
  • E.VRS.180.090.00 - 70.866" W X 35.433" D X 19.685" H
  • E.VRS.190.090.00 - 74.803" W X 35.433" D X 19.685" H
  • E.VRS.190.100.00 - 74.803" W X 39.37" D X 19.685" H
High-quality acrylic body embedded in an EPS structure
Item Number
E.VRS.170.075.00 E.VRS.170.080.00 E.VRS.180.080.00 E.VRS.180.090.00 E.VRS.190.090.00 E.VRS.190.100.00