Made in Italy by Makro.

The unique angular design of the Makro Table adds modern charm and organization to bath spaces. This slim yet sturdy platform is ideal for holding toiletries and bathroom essentials in one convenient location. Select the ideal table type for your space. Available in white or black.

Product Features:

  • E.T table can stand completely on its own
  • L.T table needs to be used in combination with a bathtub in order for it to stand upright
  • Suitable for in-shower use
  • Works well along side a bathtub
  • Made from steel
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Small hole in the center allows water to drain
  • 11.811" W X 7.874" D X 20.590" H
Varnished steel
Item Number
T.101.000.000.IB T.101.000.000.IN T.102.000.000.IB T.102.000.000.IN