Made in Italy by Makro. The Steel Shower Base is a recessed shower base designed to create a seamless transition from shower space to bath space. It is made out of stainless steel to ensure the highest quality with resistance to corrosion and scratches. Complete this Steel Shower Base with a Deck Slatted Foot Board for a luxurious shower base combination. Select the ideal size for your best fit.
  • 080.080.IS - 31.49" W X 31.49" D X 2.56" H
  • 100.080.IS - 39.37" W X 31.49" D X 2.56" H
  • 070.090.IS - 27.55" W X 35.43" D X 2.56" H
Manufacturer Information
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Shower pan only. Floor slats not included.

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Item Number
P.CNS.080.080.IS P.CNS.120.080.IS P.CNS.100.080.IS P.CNS.070.090.IS P.CNS.090.090.IS P.CNS.100.100.IS P.CIS.080.080.IS P.CIS.120.080.IS P.CIS.100.080.IS P.CIS.070.090.IS P.CIS.090.090.IS P.CIS.100.100.IS P.CPS.080.080.IS P.CPS.120.080.IS P.CPS.100.080.IS P.CPS.070.090.IS P.CPS.090.090.IS P.CPS.100.100.IS P.C2S.080.080.IS P.C2S.120.080.IS P.C2S.100.080.IS P.C2S.070.090.IS P.C2S.090.090.IS P.C2S.100.100.IS