Made in Italy by Makro. The Wave Freestanding Corian Bathtub is classic and simple. The Corian exterior provides a sleek white finish and durable performance with its strong construction. The bathtub interior is made from PMMA, a sturdy acrylic compound that is resistant to bacteria, UV rays, and more. Upgrade your bathroom with luxury and comfort with the Wave Freestanding Corian Bathtub.
  • 170.080.MK - 66.92" W X 31.49" D X 19.685
  • 180.090.MK - 70.86" W X 35.43" D X 19.685
  • 190.100.MK - 74.80" W X 39.37" D X 19.685
Corian® exterior, bathtub made from PMMA
Item Number
W.BSS.170.080.00 W.TSQ.170.080.MK W.STL.170.050.MK W.STC.080.050.MK W.BMS.180.090.00 W.TSQ.180.090.MK W.STL.180.050.MK W.STC.090.050.MK W.BLS.190.100.00 W.TSQ.190.100.MK W.STL.190.050.MK W.STC.100.050.MK