Made in Italy by Makro. The large Wave Undermount Unclad Tub provides a platform for an instant bathroom upgrade. This highly durable and incredibly insulated bathtub holds the heat of your bathwater for optimal soaking comfort. Made from sturdy acrylic, this modern tub will withstand daily use. The structure of this tub can be finished in any material of your choosing, enabling it to fit into your current design seamlessly.
  • W.BLS.190.095.00 - 74.803" W X 37.401" D X 19.685" H
  • W.BLS.190.100.00 - 74.803" W X 39.37" D X 19.685" H
  • W.BLS.200.105.00 - 78.74" W X 41.338" D X 19.685" H
High-quality acrylic body embedded in an EPS structure
Item Number
W.BLS.190.095.00 W.BLS.190.100.00 W.BLS.200.105.00