Made in Italy by Makro. The medium sized Wave Undermount Unclad Tub is the perfect bathtub for any bathroom undergoing a renovation. This highly-customizable tub can be surrounded by any material of your choosing for the optimal design in your bathroom. The comfortable square shape is thermo-insulated, ensuring the most comfortable bathing experience without losing water heat. The simple installation and customizability of this soaking tub makes it an easy choice.
  • W.BMS.175.080.00 - 68.897" W X 31.496" D X 19.685" H
  • W.BMS.180.080.00 - 70.866" W X 31.496" D X 19.685" H
  • W.BMS.180.090.00 - 70.866" W X 35.433" D X 19.685" H
High-quality acrylic body embedded in an EPS structure
Item Number
W.BMS.175.080.00 W.BMS.180.080.00 W.BMS.180.090.00