Made in Italy by Makro. The small Wave Undermount Unclad Tub is the ideal addition to smaller master bathrooms. This innovative bathtub can be finished with any material of your choosing to update your bathroom with a fresh look. The simple to install form and durable body ensures this tub is built to last. The EPS structure both helps to insulate the tub as well as helps to hold its form while applying the surrounding materials.
  • W.BSS.160.065.00 - 62.99" W X 25.59" D X 19.685" H
  • W.BSS.160.070.00 - 62.99" W X 27.559" D X 19.685" H
  • W.BSS.170.070.00 - 66.929" W X 27.559" D X 19.685" H
  • W.BSS.170.075.00 - 66.929" W X 29.527" D X 19.685" H
  • W.BSS.170.080.00 - 66.929" W X 31.496" D X 19.685" H
High-quality acrylic body embedded in an EPS structure
Item Number
W.BSS.160.065.00 W.BSS.160.070.00 W.BSS.170.070.00 W.BSS.170.075.00 W.BSS.170.080.00