Design by KaschKasch Cologne.
By Menu A/S.

Conceived and designed with limited space in mind, the Kaschkasch Floor Mirror is a clever solution for today's domestic urban environment. A full-length mirror mounted in a triangular shaped frame, this floor mirror is perfect for corners but can also lean against a wall or stand on it's own in different directions. Kaschkasch can serve double-duty as a small wardrobe thanks to the integrated solutions for hanging clothes from the side or behind the mirror. An original space-saver with a "Jack of all trades" design, the Kaschkasch Floor Mirror masters many everyday needs, achieving the maximum of the minimum.

  • 6.7" W X 6.7" D X 68.9"H
  • Weight: 21.2 lbs
Powder-coated aluminum, mirror, glass
Item Number
8000539 80004698000639