Design by Jan Plecháeth; and Henry Wielgus.
By Menu A/S.

Surprisingly simple, yet exceedingly strong, the Stick System 1x3 Shelf offers a variety of uses. Combining wooden sticks and steel joints, this low bookshelf can also serve as a spot for decorative objects, a music system or even a small TV. The 1x3 Shelf can be combined with other configurations in the Stick System to create a storage solution that adapts to fit the needs of the space. Fluid and organic in design, Stick System is available in three soft finishes that harmonize with the room for a light appearance the designers refer to as Soft Minimalism.

  • 28.9" W X 19.7" D X 37.7" H
  • Weight: 32 lbs
Powder-coated steel, stained ash
Item Number
50009 50017