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Design by Norm Architects.
By Menu A/S.

The Wine Breather Carafe is a carafe for use both at home to seriously upgrade the wine we drink every day, as well as by professional sommeliers at top restaurants. Because it is stunningly effective and new in the way it decants, thereby transforming the wine by releasing all the flavor and aromas.

The functionality of the Wine Breather Carafe is that you put the wine carafe on top of the open wine bottle by using the wine aerator and then you turn the bottle upside down - allowing for a beautiful view, when all the wine runs through the carafe, while opening up and releasing its aromas and flavors. It has been proved in leading tests that the Wine Breather Carafe aerating is so significant that 90% of the wine that is enjoyed every day will taste significantly better by using the Wine Breather Carafe. The patented double spout is new and speeds up the whole process of wine aerating.

  • 8.3" H
  • Capacity: 44 fl. oz.
Glass, silicone, stainless steel, plastic
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