Made in Italy.

The Kew Coral Round Floor Cushion boasts a bold chevron pattern that sprawls across the cushion's top with steeply angled peaks and valleys in warm, tropical hues. Another classic Missoni motif in solid stripes wraps around the cushion's circumfrence, offering an alluring visual contrast to its versitally functional form. Grab the Round Floor Cushion by its Missoni branded patent leather handle to pull up to low tables for dining and entertaining or scatter around for extra seating in multifunctioning spaces. Stow away when not in use, or stand Kew up on its side as a visual accent piece. Kew's fabric cover is made in a supremely soft blend of cotton, polyester, and silk.

The Kew Coral Round Floor Cushion is part of Missoni's vivid Passiflora T59 Coral Collection. View the entire Passiflora T59 Coral Collection here.

  • 28" Dia X 6" H
61% cotton, 29% polyester, 10% silk, leather handle, acrylic base
Please note each piece is unique and may vary slightly from image depending on the fabric cut.
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