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    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Ships to Canada

Design by Ron Rezek.

The Flow Ceiling Fan pairs a practical design with clean aesthetics. Available with a die cast aluminum body in gloss white or matte nickel finishes with 52" bent plywood blades in bamboo, nickel, or white. Includes a 4.5" and 16" down rod. Optional down rods are available to purchase.

Control Features:

  • Fan Speed Wall Control: A basic 4-speed fan control used to operate a fan only.
  • Three Wire Fan Speed and Light Control: A 4-speed wall switch for fan with light operation. Requires two circuits (three wires). Provides full range dimming (except fluorescent lights, use 002ND non-dimming for fluorescent lighting). Any ceiling fan using a fluorescent lamp may not be dimmed or operated with a dimming control.
  • Handheld Remote Control: A 3-speed handheld remote for independent operation of a fan and light, using only one circuit (two wires). Provides full range dimming (for halogen or incandescent lamps) or "on/off" switching (for fluorescent lamps) and comes with a wall hanging bracket.
  • Two Wire Fan Speed and Light Control: A 3-speed wall control for fan and light operation, using only one circuit (two wires). Provides full range dimming (for halogen or incandescent lamps) or "on/off" switching (for fluorescent lamps) and wires into wall box.
  • Two Wire Wall Control with Remote Handset: A combination control package including the 004 Fan and Light Control and 003 Handheld Remote Control handset. Provides three speeds and full range dimming (for halogen or incandescent lamps) or "on/off" switching (for fluorescent lamps) from wall control and compatible remote handset.

The Handheld Remote Control, Two Wire Fan Speed and Light Control, and Two Wire Wall Control with Remote Handset use a two or three component system. The wall switch and/or handset is preset to the same frequency as the receiving unit. If other remote frequency signals or appliances are interfering with operation of the ceiling fan or if more than one fan is in close proximity and you want to control these fans separately such as fans in different rooms but in close proximity, then the remote frequency can be changed to a different frequency.

52" blade span Energy Information:

  • Airflow measured in cubic feet per minute at high speed (CFM) = 6630.79
  • Watts at high speed = 75.5
  • Airflow efficiency at high speed (CFM/Watts) = 87.83

UL Listed for damp locations.

  • 52"D X 11.9" or 23.4"H
  • Canopy: 5.4"D
  • Down Rods: 4.5" & 16"L
  • Blade Pitch: Variable
  • Motor Size: 153mm X 18mm
  • Light Kit will add .4" to overall height of the fan
Die cast aluminum, bent plywood fan blades
Lamp Type
  • No Light Kit: N/A
  • LED Light Kit: 1 X 20W 120V LED light engine, 1250 lumens, 3000K, 90 CRI (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
FLO-GW-52-BB-NL-001 FLO-GW-52-BB-NL-002 FLO-GW-52-BB-NL-003 FLO-GW-52-BB-NL-004 FLO-GW-52-BB-NL-005 FLO-GW-52-NK-NL-001 FLO-GW-52-NK-NL-002 FLO-GW-52-NK-NL-003 FLO-GW-52-NK-NL-004 FLO-GW-52-NK-NL-005 FLO-GW-52-WH-NL-001 FLO-GW-52-WH-NL-002 FLO-GW-52-WH-NL-003 FLO-GW-52-WH-NL-004 FLO-GW-52-WH-NL-005 FLO-MN-52-BB-NL-001 FLO-MN-52-BB-NL-002 FLO-MN-52-BB-NL-003 FLO-MN-52-BB-NL-004 FLO-MN-52-BB-NL-005 FLO-MN-52-NK-NL-001 FLO-MN-52-NK-NL-002 FLO-MN-52-NK-NL-003 FLO-MN-52-NK-NL-004 FLO-MN-52-NK-NL-005 FLO-MN-52-WH-NL-001 FLO-MN-52-WH-NL-002 FLO-MN-52-WH-NL-003 FLO-MN-52-WH-NL-004 FLO-MN-52-WH-NL-005 FLO-GW-52-BB-372-002 FLO-GW-52-BB-372-003 FLO-GW-52-BB-372-004 FLO-GW-52-BB-372-005 FLO-GW-52-NK-372-002 FLO-GW-52-NK-372-003 FLO-GW-52-NK-372-004 FLO-GW-52-NK-372-005 FLO-GW-52-WH-372-002 FLO-GW-52-WH-372-003 FLO-GW-52-WH-372-004 FLO-GW-52-WH-372-005 FLO-MN-52-BB-372-002 FLO-MN-52-BB-372-003 FLO-MN-52-BB-372-004 FLO-MN-52-BB-372-005 FLO-MN-52-NK-372-002 FLO-MN-52-NK-372-003 FLO-MN-52-NK-372-004 FLO-MN-52-NK-372-005 FLO-MN-52-WH-372-002 FLO-MN-52-WH-372-003 FLO-MN-52-WH-372-004 FLO-MN-52-WH-372-005