• Made in USA

Modernica® offers a variety of aesthetic home potteries in their Case Study® series, including the Table Top Ceramic with Wood Stand. This clean and elegant form is a fitting addition in a variety of spaces and can be mixed and matched with other planters in the series to create a dynamic, architectural display. The low cylinder pot is constructed in durable high fire stoneware ceramic and finished with a wooden stand in Brazilian walnut – a material that is 100% waterproof with proper care.

Case Study® Planters hail from a highly inventive design period that followed the second World War when home furnishings and architecture alike were evolving. The stoneware pottery that emerged during this period was changed significantly in both form and application to meet the needs of a new modern lifestyle. Traditional pottery shapes were replaced by cylinders, cones, bullets and gourds in simple clean finishes and were something completely new and fresh. Reviving those now classic designs, Modernica Case Study® Ceramic series is offered in multiple shapes and sizes, all in matte finished ceramic. Suitable for outdoor use.

  • 7.25" W X 4.75" H
  • Pot Only: 6" Dia X 2.75" H
  • Stand Only: 7.25" W X 4.25" H
  • Floor to Bottom of Stand: 1" H
Ceramic pottery, Brazilian walnut
Planter does not contain a drainage hole.
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