Design by Roberto Mora, 2012.
By Mogg.

It's easy to see where the Bice Butterfly Hooks derives its inspiration from. Like butterflies resting after a long flight, the nickel and brass molded butterflies delicately anchor themselves to the wall as they keep your loose articles of clothing off the floor. Available in a set of 6, each vary in size and material make up, the Bice Butterfly Hooks will complement any wall as decor and as a hook.

Product Features:

  • Comes in a set of 12
  • Finishes they come in: 4 polished nickle brass, 4 black nickle, 4 oxidized butterflies

  • Overall (smaller butterflies): 2"W X 1.6"D X 2"H
  • Overall (larger butterflies): 3.1"W X 2.4"D X 3.1"H
  • Weight: 4.4lbs.
Nickel, brass
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