• Made in USA

Made in the United States by Neo-Metro. The Revision Mirror 30-Inch brings a striking splash of color into the urban washroom. The 30-inch resin frame comes in a variety of colors with an LED lighting option for playful visual effects. Hang this mirror on the wall horizontally or vertically to suit your bath theme.
  • 30" W X 2.25" D X 19.375" H
Glass, resin
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8993-2-RDC01 8993-2-RDC02 8993-2-RDC03 8993-2-RDC04 8993-2-RDC05 8993-2-RDC06 8993-2-RDC07 8993-2-RDC08 8993-2-RDC09 8993-2-RDC11 8993-2-RDC12 8993-2-RDC13 8993-2-RDC00