Made in Quebec, Canada by Neptune.

Visit our Neptune Bathtub Buying Guide to help you determine which tub is right for you. The Jade Whirlpool Tub delivers a striking bathtub aesthetic, coupled with a powerful jet spray. As the most vigorous of all the Neptune systems, the Whirlpool system provides a deep muscular massage. The Whirlpool system projects water and warm air through adjustable, directional jets located strategically along the vertical contour of the bathtub that make each bath as invigorating as the last. Safe, hygienic, and built-to-last; this luxury tub is the perfect addition to modern bathrooms.

Product Features:

  • Includes 6 square turbo jets, 10 square micro-rotating back jets, 13 A pump, two diverter valves and electronic control
  • Center drain positioning
  • Select D105 20 inch recommended drain or customer can provide their own
  • Made from acrylic which is resistant to cracking and chipping
  • Complies with the following standards/codes:
    • CSA or Warnock-Hersey certification

Alternative Jade Tubs:

  • JA3872: 71.875" W X 38" D X 21.75" H (85 gallon capacity, 74 lbs.)
  • JA4272: 71.875" W X 42" D X 21.25" H (99 gallon capacity, 81 lbs.)
  • JA4872: 71.875" W X 48" D X 21.25" (111 gallon capacity, 93 lbs.)
Acrylic shell
Faucet sold separately. This tub comes without pre-cut faucet holes. For Sandbar, Ice Gray, or Black acrylic color options please contact our team of product specialists at (866) 842-6208.

View Manufacturer Warranty.

Item Number
JA3872T JA4872T JA4272T