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Rosendahl's new Grand Cru salt, pepper and whole spice mill. Designed to keep your spices whole to allow the aroma and taste of spices to be released only when they are ground and mixed with your food.

The Grand Cru Spice Mill consists of two components: a storage bottle and the CrushGrind ceramic mechanism, which works along the same lines as a mortar. To fill, unscrew the mill from the storage bottle and add the spice of your choice. Set the mill according to the way you want your spices to be ground — coarse or fine. To clean, just grind some coarse salt. The ceramic part can also be cleaned with a small brush, or hand-washed. Features a 25-year guarantee.

  • H 5.51"
Lead-free glass, stainless steel and nylon
Hand wash only.
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