Designed by Federico Correa & Alfonso Milá in 1996 and is made in Barcelona. Design by Robert Heritage & Roger Webb, 1979.
Made in Barcelona, Spain by Santa & Cole.

The Subeybaja Round Table allows for a robust clean look for any modern space. The Subeybaja Round Table features articulated, height-adjustable legs that raise and lower using a smart mechanism located on the table. Simply press the white button to trigger the adjustment. Perfect to use as an indoor dining table, side table or coffee table. Add the Subeybaja Round Table in any modern room and enjoy the various ways of putting it to use.

  • DIA01 Diana Alta Table Overall: 22.8" Dia X 24.4" H
  • DIA01 Diana Alta Table Base: 13.8"Dia
  • DIA02 Diana Baja Table Overall: 27.5" Dia X 20.5"H
  • DIA02 Diana Baja Table Base:16.7"Dia
Nickel structure, safety glass top
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