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Design by Héctor Serrano.
By Seletti.

Bathroom counters take on a lighthearted tone with the Submarino Bathroom Accessory Set. This colorful organizer consists of 4 magnetized pieces that when assembled together create a submarine. The liquid soap dispenser is cleverly disguised as the periscope, the hatch functions as a toothbrush holder, and the two remaining lidded containers can be used for hair ties, cotton balls, bobby pins or any of the various sundries that need a home. Submarino is created from porcelain with a bright, rubber paint finish.

  • 10.4"W X 3.2"D X 6.7"H
Porcelain, magnets, rubber painting finish
Item Number
10696_AZZ 10696_BIA 10696_ROS 10696_GIA