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Design by Karen Gilbert and Paul Pavlak.
Handmade in the Czech Republic by SkLO.

SkLO's Float Vessel series is designed to be a custom art piece, with mixed colors and sizes. Whether a small vignette or a large installation, these pieces create a relationship to one another and glow in any space they inhabit. Double-dipped into molten glass to create a slight ripple near the top, the Float Vessel is then broken off the pipe and torch-polished to create the opening. Each Float Vessel is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

  • VA250: 4" Dia
  • VA251: 6" Dia
  • VA252: 8" Dia
  • VA253: 12" Dia
  • VA254: 16" Dia
  • VA255: 20" Dia
Handblown glass
Item Number
VA250 VA251 VA252 VA253 VA254 VA255