Design by Studio Sovet, 1988.

Functional basics combine in harmony to create the 40 X 14 Hall Shelf Console Table. Focusing on core elements, Hall features a single shelf suspended by a sheet of bent glass results in a classic minimal piece. For a pop of color, select a bold lacquered or plated frame with a clear shelf. Add simple lines and functionality to your modern design with the 40 X 14 Hall Shelf Console Table.

Extralight glass is more transparent than traditional clear glass and features a clear blue tinted edge.

  • 39.4" W X 13" D X 29.1" H
Lacquered glass is durable and easily cleaned. To maintain the beauty of your lacquered glass avoid scratching and bumping hard sharp objects against the finish. Clean using water only or water and a mild detergent. Do not use abrasive materials, acids or harsh chemicals for they will damage the finish.
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