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Design by Gabriele Adriano and Davide Adriano.
Handcrafted in Italy.

Elevate the design of your modern game room or den with the sleek and modern Contropiede Foosball Table. Transforming a modern bar game favorite with crystal glass and wood, this game table's triangular shaped table legs and grooved handles distinguish it from any standard football table. Chromed aluminum, adjustable feet provide a balance playing surface while the crystal playing field features corner ramps to prevent the ball from entering a dead zone. A score bar located at each of the field provide an easy way to keep with minimal gameplay interruption. With elegant style and excellent gameplay, the Contropiede Foosball Table will bring game night to a whole new level.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable levelers
  • Integrated score keeper
  • Corner ramps keeps ball in play
  • Individually machined legs
  • Finished by hand
  • Grooved wood control handles
  • 8 balls incuded

Teckell® combines the skills of 20 artisans to create their unique foosball tables. Each table incorporates a player line-up that includes 5 players in the front row, 3 in the second row, 2 guards and 1 goalie. Each of the 22 aluminum players, mounted on chromed stainless steel rods, are individually dye cast and hand polished. Pieces are hand-painted in a controlled environment and wood legs are individually machined and hand finished to the last detail. The goal nets are made from nylon netting and each table comes with 8 balls.

  • 29.1"W X 47.2"D X 36.2"H
  • Weight: 209.4 lbs
  • Glass Thickness: 0.6"
Crystal glass, aluminum, wood
Wood version is made from solid walnut
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