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The Beat Vessel – Drop is a part of the Beat Vessel collection — a set of expressive floor vases inspired by the simple aesthetic of Indian traditional water vessels and brass cooking pots. Drop, a vertical vase with a wide base funneling upward into a narrow opening, is the most imaginative of the Beat Vessels. Its unique texture is a result of brass components spun together and welded to create one seamless piece. Featuring an antique finish, a single vase creates a statement all on its own, or vases can be grouped with Beat Lights for maximum impact. Made from pure unpolished brass, the Beat Vessels are handmade by the renowned skilled craftsmen of Moradabad in Northern India.

See Beat Vessel – Tall and Beat Vessel – Top to create a stunning collection.

  • 21.7"D X 37.8"H
brass, metal
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