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Smash, pummel and grind spices, herbs and sauces with the weighty Stone Pestle and Mortar. The Pestle is forged in white Morwad marble with a substantial cast brass Pestle. An exaggerated rounded lip allows for a firm grip on the Mortar bowl as you work. And the Pestle is weighted with an inner cast iron core, polished and left unlacquered for food safe use.

All ECLECTIC pieces arrive in gift packaging that is Graphic, Bold and Confident. Packaging is intentionally intriguing to heighten the experience of the product through anticipation and the ceremony of opening it - be it a gift for another or just for you. Enjoy!

  • 8.3"W X 8.3"D X 4.3"H
Brass, cast iron, turned Morwad marble
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