Design by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni.

Whether hung horizontally or vertically, the Atomic Mirror brings home an element of modern creativity. Consisting of multiple mirrors of varying sizes and tinted in accenting metallic colors, the composition of the bubble-like mirror provides an artistic accent to the room it occupies. The large mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally, depending on the needs and desires of the environment. Where ever it's placed, the mirror is one piece that will do no less that elevate the design of your room. Modernize your environment with a little bit of glass artistry.

Product Features:

  • Can be hung vertically or horizontally

  • Overall (92-160-3): 36.2"W X 1.2"D X 63"H
  • Weight: 99.2lbs.
  • Overall (102-205-3): 40.1"W X 1.2"D X 80.7"H
  • Weight: 121.2lbs.
Item Number