Design by Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla, 2013.
Made in Italy by Tonelli.

Inspired by the structural ingenuity of Jean Prouve, Tonelli's Claro brings home the elegance of one of the most ancient and noble materials known to man, glass. With 50s influenced, winged legs that delicately supports the extra clear, glass surface, the charm of this table will not only fit the design of any dining room, it will also make a bold statement about your style. This piece is offered in multiple sizes; all of which are offered in clear or extra clear glass.

  • 78.7"W X 39.4"D X 29.5"H
  • 88.5"W X 35.4"D X 29.5"H
  • 96.5"W X 35.4"D X 29.5"H
  • 96.5"W X 47.2"D X 29.5"H
  • 102.4"W X 39.4"D X 29.5"H
  • 110.2"W X 39.4"D X 29.5"H
  • 118.1"W X 39.4"D X 29.5"H
Central glass base with a glass surface
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