Design by Uto Balmoral, 2012.
Made in Italy.

Just like its name, Fragments gives the illusion of a fragile table constructed of fragmented pieces of glass that were precariously placed together. However, this table is no way fragile as its legs firmly support a surface with incisions existing only underneath the table's surface. The incisions not only create the illusion of a fragile table, but they also bring attention to the irreguliarty of the lines that contradict the symmetry of the table's shape. Fragments straddles the line between the artistry and utility that a dining table could possibly occupy. Available only in extra clear glass. Place Fragments in your home and show how art can be incorporated into the design of a dining table.

  • 70.9"W X 35.4"D X 29.1"H
  • 78.7"W X 35.4"D X 29.1"H
  • 86.6"W X 35.4"D X 29.1"H
  • 86.6"W X 39.4"D X 29.1"H
  • 94.5"L X 39.4"W X 29.1"H
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