Design by Leonardi Marinelli, 2015.
Made in Italy.

Furnish your space with the Gotham Coffee Table. Complete with a smoked, glass body and mirror-faced, soft closing drawers, the coffee table has a unique "see, don't see" theme that it shares with its collection siblings. As the glass allows for a transparent view of the table's innards, the smoke finish distorts the viewer's perspective; meanwhile, the mirror-faced drawers allow for a clear reflection, but no clear view into the drawer's contents. Thematically profound and artistically designed. Furnish your living room with an artistically themed coffee table.

Product Features:

  • Low table in glass
  • Optional wireless battery charger
  • Comes with two drawers that have frontal mirrors
  • Drawers are soft-closing

  • 51.2"W X 25.6"D X 13"H
  • 59"W X 33.5"D X 13"H
Glass, wood
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