Design by Andrea Tepestini, 2015.
Made in Italy.

Personalize the arrangement of your decorative wall mirror and become your own artist. The Guidoriccio Mirror allows for such customizing as each, individual, mirror can be turned to different angles for various 3D effects thanks to its unique frame work that creates the illusion of a protruding box via its shadowed surfaces. The sky's the limit when paired with multiple mirrors. Let your art reflect your style.

Product Features:

  • Fixing bar is not included
  • Recommended to buy a fixing bar in order to install the mirror on the wall
  • Modular mirror arrangement with up to four different positions
  • Framing around mirror allows for 3D effect

  • Configuration 1 & 2: 39.4"W 2"D X 39.4"H
  • Configuration 3: 121.7"W X 2"D X 62.6"H
Glass, wood
Special orders can be placed for Customizable Configurations at no additional charge. Please contact our Sales Department at (800)236-9100 for more information.
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