Design by Moe Design Lab, 2010.
Made in Italy.

The Kasteel Table takes a very simple and traditional design and spins it with a new material. By using glass, the table takes on a lighter, airy, and almost weightless presence. Available in clear or extra clear glass with wooden joins available in natural oak or dyed wenge.

  • 78.9"W X 35.4"D X 29.1"H
  • 88.6"W X 35.4"D X 29.1"H
  • 96.5"W X 35.4"D X 29.1"H
  • 78.7"W X 39.4"D X 29.1"H
  • 70.9"L X 47.2"W X 29.1"H
  • 96.5"L X 47.2"W X 29.1"H
Glass surface with legs consisting of natural solid oak, or wenge stained, and glass
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