Design by Giulio Mancini.

Made in Italy.

Don't let the simplicity of this table trick you into thinking that is all it has to offer. Tonelli's Livingstone Extension Tables conveniently provides extra space for extra guests when the time calls for it. Easily fold and unfold the wings to accommodate the number of people in your party. This table comes in multiple sizes, with connecting wing, and legs that come in matte chrome, natural leather, or dark leather.

Product Features:

  • Extension leaves only come in clear, glass while central table top may be selected in a lacquered color

  • 47.2-86.7"W X 35.4"D X 29.1"H
  • 63-102.4"W X 35.4"D X 29.1"H
  • 70.9-110.2"W X 35.4"D X 29.1"H
  • 47.2-82.6"L X 47.2"W X 29.1"H
Chome, lacquer, leather, wood
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