Design by Karim Rashid, 2013.
Made in Italy by Tonelli.

Form over function? Or function over form? With the Veer Coffee Table, form and function are equally matched in its engineering. The artistry of this piece is shown through its symmetrical design, emphasized by the colored edges of the glass, while using a difficult, yet elegant, material. However, the functionality of this coffee table is displayed through the bases's ability to be used interchangeably between a vertical or horiztonal positioning, making this piece suited for any room. Aside from that, the horizontal position of the base provides an extra function as a storage unit for items like books. The Veer Coffee Table is offered in two sizes with the base's lacquered edge available in either white or yellow.

  • 49.2"W X 31.5"D X 13"H
  • 59"W X 33.5"D X 13"H
Extra clear glass eged with white or yellow lacquer
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