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Design by Nicola Tonin.
Made in Italy by Tonin Casa.

Born from the concept of a beehive, Honey Sideboard is manufactured with wooden decorative elements, placed on a mirrored background. An artisan crafted work that carries out a truly 50s inspired design. Special inlays and patterns fill the cabinet doors, playing seamlessly with the reflections of the mirror, creating a harmonious contrast. Bold and innovative, Honey Sideboard will brighten any space and create timeless style.

Available in three versions; two doors, three doors, and two doors and two internal drawers.

  • Model 6111: 57" W X 18.5" D X 30.7" H
  • Models 6112, 6113: 84.3" W X 18.5" D X 30.7" H
Metal, wood, glass
Item Number
6111 6112 6113