Saucer Lamp by George Nelson

From the forming of the wire-frame, to the spraying of the vinyl form, one-by-one, each Bubble Lamp is constructed to last decades and each Bubble Lamp is built to George Nelson's original specifications. These famous lamps are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

FL/Y Suspension Lamp by Kartell

The FL/Y hanging lamps are a luminous surprise — like light, airy bubbles of soap, iridescent in the reflection of the light. Made in transparent methacrylate in all the colors of the rainbow, they are available individually, but are suitable for hanging in groups of multiples.

Le Klint Pendant 172

These hand-folded sculptural pendant shades were designed by architect Poul Christiansen between 1969 and 1978 and have been in continuous production by the Danish company Le Klint. The material is a color-stabilized white PVC which is completely washable and anti-static.

Bronze Copper Shade Pendant from Tom Dixon

The Bronze Copper Shade Pendant Light brings a sculptural sophistication to any interior. Its rich and reflective qualities take on the characteristics of its surroundings. The copper interior and brass exterior give a dramatic double color effect.

Round Boon by Moooi

The Round Boon is a closed-bottom drum shade pendant featuring a white PVC/cotton lid on the bottom. Classic, clean. And offered in two colors. Made in the Netherlands.

Link Suspension Light from Lzf Lamps

Link is part of an on going study of form, repetition and geometry. Sumptuous curves create an organic yet regular pattern that is endlessly engaging to the eye and glows in tones from light to dark. The lamp explores the maximum potential of the Polywood® veneer, provides diffused ambient illumination and is UL Listed.

Random Light by Moooi

Well on its way to becoming a classic. Random is formed from resin drained yarn that is randomly coiled around an inflatable mold, creating a magic translucent 3D fabric.

Beat Light by Tom Dixon

Inspired by the shapes of traditional Indian water vessels. Beat Light - Fat is a pendant made from spun brass with a hand-beaten interior. Choose from high gloss white powder coat, brushed brass, or a black patinated finish. Provides direct illumination.

A110 Pendant Light by Artek

Aalto's Pendant A110 was originally nicknamed Käsikranaatti (translated to hand grenade in English). Designed to act as a spotlight providing direct illumination, the fixture also features a small amount of indirect light coming from the top of the shade. Available in White or Black lacquered aluminum with removable white, black or polished brass ring. This light is equipped with 8.2 feet of field cuttable cord. Canopy and cord color coordinate with pendant finish.

Etch Shade Pendant from Tom Dixon

Etch is a digitally manufactured pendant inspired by the logic of pure mathematics. Made by employing an industrial process used to produce electronic products, such as circuit boards, the detailed designs are first photo-etched onto meta sheets. Then all unexposed areas are dissolved with acid, creating intricate patterns cut into the metal.