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Great for collaborative work in the office, the You High Desk is a modern piece to work with. Display your style at work with this fiber-reinforced natural concrete desk. Fiber-reinforced concrete makes the piece more durable. It incorporates all natural jute fibers into the concrete mixture, giving the concrete more support and strength. It features simple and clean lines that will help your mind focus and also have enough work space to work along with others.

Concrete products can be used in an outdoor environment up to a maximum heat of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Never place hot objects such as direct from oven to table cooking dishes directly on top of any concrete items. Doing so may discolor or cause a heat mark to be impregnated into the items patina. Always use proper heat protection coasters to prevent heat being transferred directly on to the concrete table top patina.

While Urbia concrete items can withstand severe cold of 5 degrees Fahrenheit, it's recommend that customers move the concrete furniture into a sheltered location. The concrete is porous, and although sealed, can absorb moisture, which will cause cracking in freezing temperatures.

  • 44"W X 27.5"D X 35.5"H; Concrete Weight: 287 lbs
Fiber-reinforced natural concrete
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