This is a miniature 1:6 scale model of the original furniture design.

Design by Ron Arad, 1988.
By Vitra.

The Miniature Big Easy is a scaled down reproduction of the original design that is featured in Vitra's Design Museum Collection. The Vitra Miniatures Collection celebrates icons from modern furniture history and preserves them in a timeless, keepsake form. Each miniature is a reduced 1:6 scale version of its original furniture design, and boasts an ornate construction with materials and colors that correspond to the historical originals — down to the very last detail. Their true to design quality makes each miniature a valuable collectors item as well as an ideal illustrative model for architects, universities, and colleges of design.

Vitra honors each designer's original copyright. Each miniature is the result of a license agreement with the designer or their estate.

  • 8.5" W X 5" D X 6.75" H
Stainless sheet steel
This is a miniature collectible object.
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