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The V Alpin series in reclaimed oak stands out with its design originality. Set in an Alpine context, the collection evokes both feelings of tradition and newness. Its reclaimed wood motif brings with it its own history, while slinky silhouettes and cleanly cut angles equip the series for the modern home. Each side of the V Alpin Extension Table can be extended 50 centimeters (19.6 inches) using an attractive single handle fitting while the table frame remains fixed in its standing position. With the crowning of the tabletop, the pull-out plate disappears entirely under the fixed plate. This gives the entire table a particularly graceful form.

  • 63-102" W X 33.8" D X 30.1" H
  • 71-110" W X 33.8" D X 30.1" H
  • 79-118" W X 33.8" D X 30.1" H
Oak, Wood
Item Number
AT116-A-2V AT118-A-2V AT120-A-2V